Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Programming Languages

Programming languages are miraculous. Somehow they overcome Cartesian dualism. They make matter and form work together. They make body and soul act in unison. They bridge the ontological gulf between the material realities of engineering and the abstract eternal truths of mathematics. And various different languages occupy different places on that bridge,like this:

Historically the two ends of this bridge have been built by different people working in different parts of the computing world. However we are now in an interesting time because the two ends are starting to meet at last.

What have I put up there at the joining place?  F#.  Hmm.

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

On Pausing Before Pressing Alt Shift F10

Whose code this is I think I know
His source is all in Github though
He will not see me waiting here
In case the buffers overflow.

My IDE has deemed it queer
To put a breakpoint just in here
Outside the brackets in white space -
Is that invalid?  Never fear.

It writes a wriggly underline
To indicate it might incline,
All things considered, to demur.
You have your viewpoint, I have mine.

The arguments are all in scope
Recursion promises to cope
The tail call's optimised, I hope
The tail call's optimised.  I hope.