Tuesday, 8 March 2016

A lot to learn

A change is as good as…

I've put Linux on the laptop.  Specifically, Mint 17.3, from the cover disk on the February issue of Linux Format magazine.  This went on amazingly quickly and, er, just works.  I've plonked Emacs on here as well and Haskell and Git.

I went through a humiliating evening trying to create a restore disk for Windows 7 and for some reason this wouldn't work.  There were workarounds that involved logging in with increasing user permissions but in the end I thought I'd risk it and load Ubuntu anyway, with the aim of dual booting with Windows 7.  However the Ubuntu installation crashed and took access to Windows with it.  I could still run Linux from a live CD but boot nothing from the hard disk.  Serves me right. Somebody smarter than me could perhaps have got Windows back.  But then I thought, hang on, just how much would I miss the Windows stuff if it all went away?  So I stuck the disk in and said to Mint, go ahead, all yours, and here we are. Looks good!  And there is a lot to learn...

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